The most widely used international online payment instrument besides Paypal in 2021.

Payment instruments are very much needed for every human being in this world. Payment instruments are really needed to make online and offline transactions to make transfers easier.

But every country has its own means of transaction in the form of paper money, coins, credit cards or non-physical forms such as virtual wallets.

Virtual wallets are very simple and have many advantages and security in transacting without having to fear losing information or losing money in our virtual wallets.

Transaction tools in each country are different but there are transaction tools that we can use to transact around the world, which can be used to buy goods online around the world or buy service needs, that can be used to buy electronic goods.

Online payments make it easier for users to transact overseas payments. For example, when you buy an item on Ebay, an international online store headquartered in California, of course you cannot pay for the transaction via an ATM.

Because ATM itself only covers local needs, and cannot be used for purposes related to foreign transactions. Therefore, one way that can be done is to pay with an online payment service that can be used internationally. The point is that online payments are free to use for transactions anywhere without local and long-distance restrictions.

The most famous and widely used by people for personal and business Paypal is one of the most widely used because Paypal is one of the best international-class online payment services at the same time. PayPal makes it easy for users to be able to send money, make transactions or even purchase products from abroad very easily online.

And this is the payment tool or service provider of transactions that is most widely used because its security is guaranteed because this is an international class online service and the best at this time.

Here are some online payment tools that can be used for international transactions as follows.

 1. Payoneer

Payoneer is one of the best choices to use and make online payments, it is also very widely used for the purposes of receiving money from other countries. In addition, several companies have also been active in using Payoneer for payment purposes along with wire transfers and others. In addition to receiving and transferring, Payoneer can also be used for the purposes of sending money to any country without restrictions.

The benefits you get when you use Payoneer, the money in the account can be withdrawn easily via an ATM with the Mastercard logo. Apart from being able to make transactions for overseas payments, Payoneer itself is indirectly the second ATM that can be used.

Another advantage for you first time users or for the first time hearing you can get a 25 dollar bonus when you do a 100 dollar transaction or you fill up a 100 dollar balance and later you will get 25 free dollars.

In addition, you will also get a credit card from Payoneer which will be sent to your home address without postage fees. You can use this card to withdraw your balance in cash via an ATM. If you are interested in Payoneer's service, you can register easily and for free on the official Payoneer website

 Payoneer disadvantages and advantages


 • Can be used to verify paypal.

 • Payoneer also provides a $ 25 bonus for every referral who registers Payoneer via your referral link.

 • Friendly CS Support and very quick to respond to your problems and questions.

 • Able to shop online around the world in various places that support Payoneer payments.

 • Able to do VCC / Virtual business. Credit card.

 • Can expand profit from Amazon, Paypal, Infolinks, MarketHealth, Stiforp and others.


 • Significant ADM fees and costs.

 • It is rare for people to transact with this bank considering the high maintenance costs.

 • Delivery of a physical card that takes approximately 1 month.

 2. Skrill

Skrill also charges relatively low fees for an online payment service. In addition, this online payment has proven safe and easy to use. Moreover, Skrill is available globally which supports 200 countries with 40 different currencies.

Previously known as Moneybookers, Skrill is a platform for sending and receiving money and shopping online just like any other payment tool.

Using this platform, users can send money to email IDs which include other Skrill users. In addition, the recipient can withdraw money via debit card, credit card, or bank account and so on.

The great thing about Skrill is that it allows instant withdrawals to the recipient's account. Other than that Skrill fees are relatively low. And the best part is that Skrill is available globally as this payment system is already supported in 200 countries with 40 different currencies. Skrill has also proven to be a safe and easy-to-use online payment system.

So if you are interested in using this service you can register directly on the official website.

 shortcomings and advantages of skrill.


 • Many betting sites, forex brokers, shops, and other online services accept Skrill for payment, or I / O deposits.

 • Low transfer fees (1%), free incoming internal payments.


 • Verification is required to increase the limit. But the process is simple.

 • The Skrill debit card can only be ordered with a VIP status.

 • There are several ways to withdraw money from the account: cards and bank accounts are available.

 3. Stripe

Stripe is an online payment tool that is quite widely used because besides being able to receive and send payments easily, Stripe can also accept various payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB.

This online payment also supports various types of currencies, there are at least around 100 currencies that have support for the Stripe online payment system.

If you are interested. Want to use this service, you can register directly on the official website

 4. Venmo

Venmo has a simple interface and is similar to a social media timeline. Apart from being able to send and receive money online, Venmo also provides a feature that allows its users to comment or provide notes to other users like social media.

By using Venmo, users can freely send money and receive money without transaction fees, unless you use a credit card. Because with a credit card, you will be charged a transaction fee of 3 percent.

Venmo is highly recommended because using this service is very easy, so if you are interested in using Venmo you can register immediately.

 5. Google Wallet

Google prepares Those who are not familiar with this name, the giant company Google also has an online payment service called Google Wallet, by using this service, Google wants all its users to feel helped in transacting online anytime and anywhere.

One of the advantages of Google Wallet is that each user can send money to other people with only their email address or phone number, even if that person does not use the Google Wallet service.

 The screen provided by Google is not in doubt because it is officially easy to use this service, so those of you who want to register can register directly on the official website.

 6. 2Checkout

2Checkout is a joint account service that acts as a third party to bridge your payments with the seller.

2Checkout supports various payment methods such as credit cards, checks, even PayPal. This online payment service is usually widely used by users to shop online.

Because it can make it easier for users to make online payments, those of you who are interested in using this service can slim down the list on the official website.

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 This is the most widely used international online payment tool besides Paypal in 2021. Hopefully this article is useful and you can subscribe to my blog so you don't miss the latest information, thank you for visiting and don't forget to "click on the ad".

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