How to register a Paypal account in 2021, this is a complete guide to using Paypal easy and fast.

Paypal, you must have heard of this payment tool. A transaction tool that is usually widely used abroad, for purchasing goods or online payments.

PayPal payment instrument, is also known to be a payment medium for online transactions, which is the most widely used and trusted throughout the world, especially in the United States because Paypal originates from America.

However, in some countries Paypal is still a little used, even the functions and how to use it are still not many who don't know it.

For those of you who often shop online on international marketplace platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, even many service provider websites that support payments using this service, so those of you who don't want to be complicated to make payments are required to use this Paypal service.

And not only that Paypal is really needed for those of you who are or want to vacation or work abroad, you really have to have this Paypal service.

In the midst of an increasingly sophisticated era with technological advances and an increase in consumptive culture in society, many people are starting to be interested in creating a Paypal account, especially now that people rarely leave the house because of the Covid 19 virus.

Paypal Service Types

Paypal has many services by creating a Paypal account, you can immediately use it while enjoying the various services provided. The following is a list of uses for Paypal:

 1. You can transfer money from the bank to Paypal or from Paypal to the bank and even transfer to other Paypal accounts.

 2. You can transfer money from your Paypal account to other people's Paypal accounts in various countries around the world without exception as long as the person you are going to also has a Paypal account.

 3. Can make any purchases, online or offline even in various countries as long as Paypal service is available.

How, already interested in using Paypal, if interested and want to make Paypal, this is how to register PayPal.

How to Register a PayPal Account

To create a PayPal account is surprisingly easy. Because you can create an account only via a smartphone or computer connected to the internet. So you don't need to come to the PayPal office directly, like making an account at a conventional bank in general. Come on, just follow the steps below:

The first requirement is to make sure you are over 18 years old and have a credit card.

 1. Go to the official site
 Select the type of PayPal account, personal account or business account. After that, you can immediately click "Register".

 2. Fill in personal data in the form fields provided in full. When finished, click the button "Agree and Create Account".

 3. Verify, by entering the code sent by Paypal, then click the "Continue" button, and click "Enter My Account".

 4. After being declared successful, you can find a page to enter your Paypal account. And don't forget to confirm your email first.

 5. You can go directly to your PayPal account, by logging in and entering the email and password that you registered.

 6. After successfully logging in, you are usually asked to fill in the security question column, then click "Submit".

Your PayPal account has been created. You can immediately use various online transactions such as purchases to withdraw funds, but before that, you have to verify your credit card first.

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How to register a Paypal account in 2021, this is a complete guide to using Paypal easy and fast. How to register a Paypal account in 2021, this is a complete guide to using Paypal easy and fast. Reviewed by Exan ndn on February 01, 2021 Rating: 5

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