Google Fi VPN is coming to iPhones soon, this is the explanation

Google launched a virtual private network (VPN) service for its Fi network subscribers, which will help people when they use online services on public Wi-Fi. 

As long as you trust your service provider to safely route traffic through its servers, a VPN is very convenient. The key question is whether you trust the service provider as the owner of the device. 

VPNs provide you with special tunnels on the open Internet and ensure that packets of data are encrypted, so if they are intercepted by government agencies or hackers, they cannot be decrypted.

VPNs aren't foolproof, but in many situations (like at the airport, when you need to access an online bank account or Gmail), they can work just fine. Normally, a decent VPN will cost money, but Google will use it via its Fi broadband service to use the device's IP address to track location to protect against attackers and marketers.

Google has improved its Fi VPN performance and removed it from beta for Android phone users.

"This means you can enjoy the benefits of a VPN while getting a faster and stronger connection across all applications and services,"

It will also be used on iPhones to cover all Google Fi users. Google pointed out: "We plan to deploy VPNs to iPhones starting this spring." Google is also introducing its privacy and security center to Android devices, giving users shortcuts to functions available to Android users (such as VPN).

Ultimately, Fi users can look forward to free spam call-blocking and alerts to stop known robocalls and scams, and the company is stepping up its efforts to protect users from SIM swap scams.

Google says: "Your Fi number is associated with your Google account and has security features that protect your phone number from threats like SIM exchanges — it's bad people trying to transfer someone's calls without their consent. The number is assigned to another SIM card."

"On Fi, by default, you get an extra layer of protection, including a robust account recovery process and alerts of suspicious activity. You can also turn on two-step verification to provide even more protection."

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