Complete discussion of Payoneer, how to register, fill balances and make withdrawals with Payoneer.

What is Payoneer.

Payoneer is a company that provides online transaction services such as receiving, sending, and saving money in dollars.

This platform is a virtual or digital bank and during the course of its business, it has built up partnerships with large companies such as marketplaces and e-commerce.  For example Amazon, Aliexpress, Gettyimages, Fiverr, and many more.

Payoneer company headquarters are in New York and has been registered as a Member Service Provider of MasterCard Worldwide.  That way Payoneer is a trusted service in providing a digital payment system and makes it easier for you to make international transactions, especially through online.

Payoneer also provides a very simple and easy online money transfer service and e-Commerce payments.  Even Payoneer itself provides Payoneer Master Card for users around the world to be able to make online transactions such as using a credit card.

Payoneer, which is an online payment method.  By using Payoneer you will be able to transact easily and simply and quickly without having to be complicated.

Having a Payoneer account will certainly provide a lot of convenience in transacting, the Payoneer payment method itself can be used as an alternative solution when your Paypal account is having a problem or something else.

How to Register Payoneer

Register for a Payoneer account is not difficult, you only need to follow the terms and conditions that you must fulfill so you can register a Payoneer account.

For new users you can get 25 free dollars after completing the registration of a Payoneer account on the condition that you must transact at least 100 dollars.

Before registering a Payoneer account there are a number of guidelines or conditions that you should know, here are some important guidelines that you should do before registering Payoneer.

 1. Make sure you enter your name and place of birth according to your ID card, passport or driving license.

 2. Make sure you also fill in your date of birth according to your KTP, Passport, or SIM.

 3. Enter your residential address correctly and make sure it is the address you currently live in.

 4. Fill in your landline or mobile number correctly and make sure it can be contacted.

 5. After registering make sure you create a memorable security question and answer.

After you understand the Payoneer account registration guide, we just need to register a Payoneer account.

How to register a Payoneer account

 1. The first step you visit Payoneer's official website then click the "sign up earn $ 25".

 2. Next you will see the registration form display and fill in the requested data correctly.

 3. Select the type of account you want to use for individuals or businesses.

 4. Next, all you have to do is input your email address, date of birth, last name and first name.

 5. When the data has been filled in completely, such as cellphone number, complete address, then click the "next" button.

 6. After that the email address that you entered in the first step will be the username or username.  Its function is to log into Payoneer when the account has been created.

 7. Next, type in the password you want to use and answer the security-related questions.

 8. When finished, click the "next" button.  and will be directed to the next page as before.

 9. Those keywords will be used to access the Payoneer account, use a password with at least 7 characters, either numbers or letters, but must contain at least 1 letter and 1 number.

 10. Next, you are asked to fill in bank account data.

 11. To complete the creation of your Payoneer account, just follow the instructions given to completion.

 12. Next is waiting for a review from the company whether your application is approved or rejected.

 13. This notification will be sent by Payoneer via your email.

 14. Registration is complete.

If you have received the email, then the next step is you can order a payoneer physical card for you to use.

How to fill payoneer account balance

As an online businessman or used personally, you need an account to make it easier for you to accept payments or make transactions.

Not only can you use it for online businesses or sell services, you can do product affiliate business, you need to carefully prepare what payment methods you can use so that you can receive payment money quickly and easily.

Those of us who are not US citizens will have difficulty opening a US bank account, but the good news is that when you create a Payoneer account, you will have a US Bank account too.

Next, I will focus on explaining how to fill out Payoneer balances as follows:

 1. Filling Payoneer Balance with Credit Card.

Filling Payoneer with a credit card is an easy way to top up the Payoneer Prepaid Debit Mastercard balance, namely with a Credit Card.  If you currently have a credit card with a Visa or Mastercard logo, you can fill in your Payoneer balance with a source of funds from your credit card.

Payoneer will determine whether your Credit Card is feasible and can be used to top up Payoneer balances or not.  This will be reviewed by Payoneer according to each case.

Make sure that you are using an active credit card and can be used for online transactions.  Some local banks have regulations that limit online transactions.

So if there is an online transaction failure, please contact the call center of your credit card issuing bank, to provide authorization access so that online transactions can be used.

You can use a credit card with the Visa or Master logo, both of which can be used.  Then the process for receiving the funds will take 2 working days, even faster.  After you top up your Payoneer balance, you can use it for your business transactions.

 2. Fill in the Payoneer Balance from the US Payment Service.

Us payment service Payoneer is a service offered by Payoneer is US Payment Service, where you can receive commission payments from companies that are in the United State (US).

In order for you to receive payments from US Companies, you need to have a US Bank account number.  To have it, you just need to use this US Payment Service, you will automatically have a US Bank account number, even though you are not a US citizen.

This US Payment Service facility is very helpful for you and me as an Affiliate Marketer, where we need a method, so that the commission money from the merchant is immediately in our hands.  Within days you will receive the money.

 3. Refer your friend to create a Payoneer account.

Actually this is not a way to fill payoneer balance, but instead you can use Payoneer bonus and you invite friends or by sharing your account link with your friends via social media, such as Facebook or other social media.

Every time you refer your friends to sign up for a Payoneer account, you will get a $ 25 opportunity from Payoneer.  Likewise, your friends who have registered for a Payoneer account, they also get the opportunity to get $ 25.

After you have successfully invited a friend using your account link, there is one more condition that must be fulfilled, namely after the Payoneer account you refer has a Payoneer balance of $ 100 first.  If these conditions are met then Payoneer will send $ 25 to your Payoneer Account and your friends.

How to Withdraw Payoneer Balance to a Bank Account.

Having a lot of money in your Payoneer account, you can search Payoneer balances to a Local Bank Account so we can make direct transactions offline.

And also for those of you who use Payoneer not for online transactions but for saving or just for a means of receiving payments for the work you do.

Or for those of you who want to withdraw your Payoneer balance from your AirBNB Host payment or from other Payoneer balance sources such as Amazon affiliates, Free Lancer Fiverr, and PTC ClixSense.

There are two Payoneer Balance withdrawal events:

 1. The first is withdrawal via an ATM card bearing the Master Card or Visa logo.

 2. Second is to withdraw to our local bank account (Transfer Mode).

Using the first method, it has several drawbacks, for example, each withdrawal will be subject to a 3 dollar discount, if the withdrawal fails because the balance is insufficient or incorrect PIN will be subject to a penalty of 0.99 dollars.

Whereas with the second method, there will be no discount on the Payoneer balance to the Local Account, but you only need to wait for the transaction time of about 3-5 working days but usually only takes 2 working days and the money will come in.

To make money withdrawals to our bank accounts, there are minimum requirements for withdrawing Payoneer balances to our Bank Accounts, which are around 50 dollars, another condition is that our bank accounts must have been registered and approved by Payoneer.

These are the steps for withdrawing money from Payoneer.

 1. The first step is to open the Payoneer official website then login.

 2. Click Menu Withdraw To Bank Account.

 3. The next step will display the withdrawal menu information and the amount of available Payoneer Balance.

 4. Select Prepaid Card Position.

 5. Then click on the prepaid card position with a balance on the Withdrawal form and select the bank account that has been filled in, enter the balance to be withdrawn and additional information.

 5. Next, check the amount you want to withdraw if it is correct. If it is already, please click "Withdraw"

 6. Next, an information page will appear on the amount of balance withdrawal and the estimated value of rupiah that will be received and the estimated time that the balance will enter your bank account.

 7. Furthermore, detailed information on money withdrawals will be sent to our email regarding the amount of funds that we withdrew earlier.

 8. If all the processes have been carried out then you just have to wait for the balance to enter your bank account.

 9. The balance withdrawal is complete.

Furthermore, these are the disadvantages and advantages of Payoneer.


 • Can be used to verify paypal.

 • Payoneer also provides a $ 25 bonus for every referral who registers Payoneer via your referral link.

 • Friendly CS Support and very quick to respond to your problems and questions.

 • Able to shop online around the world in various places that support Payoneer payments.

 • Able to do VCC / Virtual business.  Credit card.

 • Can expand profit from Amazon, Paypal, Infolinks, MarketHealth, Stiforp and others.


 • Significant ADM fees and costs.

 • It is rare for people to transact with this bank considering the high maintenance costs.

 • Delivery of a physical card that takes approximately 1 month.

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