Apple Watch can detect COVID-19 even earlier than normal testing

Mount Sinai researchers introduce the future of digital wellness in the form of the Apple Watch.

The team's “Soldier Observation Research” is one of the themes used in wearables to identify COVID-19 in humans.

The facts have proven that using such a device can identify the virus seven days earlier than current testing methods (such as nasal swabs).

This new method could pave the way for future diagnostic methods and help track and improve virus management.

How the wearable detects COVID-19

During the research process (from April 2020 to September 2020), the research team recruited hundreds of medical personnel from Mount Sinai.

These participants wear Apple Watch linked to the iPhone app and use the app to collect and monitor their health. They also complete daily surveys to provide feedback on potential COVID-19 symptoms and other factors such as stress.

The main focus of concern for researchers is heart rate variability (HRV), which can detect when a person's nervous system is tense.

The team noted that by wearing Apple Watch and closely tracking participants' health, they could predict infection within a week before a diagnosis was confirmed by traditional tests.

In addition, they indicated that the HRV pattern would return to normal one to two weeks after diagnosis.

How does it work to fight COVID-19

Thanks to the help of wearable devices, this helps detect COVID-19 earlier, so that more people can be isolated more quickly, thus minimizing the spread of the virus in the critical week before testing.

More importantly, this method can be run remotely. The traditional COVID-19 test can be done without a health worker as early diagnosis and diagnosis can be done remotely.

The team stressed that they will continue to gather data on how the Apple Watch and other wearables can help further reveal the impact of COVID-19 on the health of medical staff and how factors such as sleep and exercise are linked to illness.

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