Advantages and disadvantages of using Paypal 2021. - For those of you loyal Paypal users who really take into account the disadvantages and advantages of using Paypal, you must read this article well and correctly to understand.

Already registered for a Paypal account and even use it for transactions, already know the complete guide on how to use Paypal too, but you don't know what are the advantages and disadvantages behind using this Paypal service? Come on, see the pros and cons of using the following Paypal:


 1. Security guaranteed. Because, all personal data and information of PayPal users will be guaranteed safe.

 2. Cheap administration fees. Especially for sending money between Paypal accounts, because it's free.

 3. When you transfer to another PayPal account or to a bank account in a different country, you only need 24 hours. In contrast to other services, which take a long time.

 4. Can be used to shop at online stores around the world easily and quickly.

 5. Many attractive promo offers.

 6. Easily accessible, via cellphone or computer as long as there is an internet connection.


 1. For a money transfer from Paypal to a non-PayPal account, the administration will be subject to about 3 percent of the total transaction, plus US $ 0.3.

 2. If there is a problem, it is difficult for you to complain. Because in some countries Paypal does not have a complaint service.

 3. Some important currencies, such as the Indian Rupee are not yet available, as we know that India is a country with a sizeable economic growth.

 4. Prone to abuse Because you are likely to transact to various countries, so this openness causes the use of Paypal to be vulnerable to all forms of fraud. It is advisable to always be careful with various types of transactions.

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